You & Me Preschool Fundraising – Fully Subscribed in just 2 hours

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Congratulations to You & Me Preschool to have reached full subscription in just two hours!

It all began on the founder’s birthday in September 2023 when she eagerly participated in “The Wings Programme” together with her core team at You & Me Preschool. Within three days, we redesigned the company’s blueprint. Immediately after this, You & Me Preschool joined our “BLR – Business Launch Right Programme”.

Over the course of five months, the You & Me team underwent a thorough transformation. We held meetings with the team almost every week, addresing various aspects such as strategic adjustments, brand positioning, trademark upgrades, business models, curriculum enhancements, and more.

Originally seeking to raise RM1.25 million for the first round, but were overwhelmed by the good response, ultimately receiving over RM2 million. This has indeed posed another new challenge for the founder.