Build a sustainable future for education institutions.


Established on 8 Aug 2016, Kedios Berhad has grown to become one of Malaysia’s leading education incubation and a total education company today, with a large portfolio of education brands.

We started our foot in education back in 2014 when we launched “SIS” (School Interactive System), it was pioneering, it was innovative and it had a purpose: to optimise school operations with 40+ modules which helps school go round digital while empowering educators to improve family engagement and student outcomes.

3 years later, our founder, Kedios, who has been regularly recognised for his foresight and innovation reformed our core business with the addition of education incubation to equip education organisations with strategic business acumen necessary to build a purposeful and lasting education businesses and bring inspiration, change and influence to the people, society and planet.

Our purpose has always been education

Inspired by our vision and driven by our mission, we are passionate about creating a better and more sustainable future for the people, businesses, society and the planet through education.


Making education accessible for all.


Build a sustainable future for education institutions.

Total Education Company

Our education portfolio has expanded to more than 10 brands around Malaysia, from preschool and primary, to secondary, enrichment and software solutions. Learn more about our brands and our commitment to quality education.