Ten Toes Eco Sanctuary Play School Grand Opening

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Category: News 2023

Ten Toes is one of the very few preschool integrating Finland education philosophy. Ten Toes is popularly known by its edutainment approach, bringing purposeful play to everyday learning, because they believe play is part of children’s life, that’s how children explore and make connection to the knowledge they learn and apply.

Ten Toes’ slogan “JOYOUS GENIUS BORN HERE”, that’s what Ten Toes uphold tight to since its founding. They really mean it to make sure their curriculum and teachers are capable to deliver and support that. When a child feels happy with their learning, meaning he/she copes well, they are confident, they are curious to learning, they have passion for learning, that are the essential qualities of lifelong learner. AND I BELIEVE that’s the objective of today’s early childhood education– that to provide fundamentals of knowledge, enable children to make connection to the real world, guide them on cultivating the right mindset towards learning that is going to last a lifetime.

Lastly, in conjunction with the last day of CNY, “元宵节“ please allow me to end with Mandarin.