[MCO] Kedios Berhad Is Giving Public Schools Free Access to Its Score100 Online Assessment Platform Until 31 Dec 2020

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While teachers and students were being kept out from school following the Movement Control Order, teachers were forced to turn to online teaching in a very short period of time to ensure learning continues. The switch to e-learning poses huge challenge for teachers especially at this time of emergency where they are lacking experience and skills to master all sorts of online system and online application for conducting classes online.

Despite the online learning measure is being taken to minimise the learning disruption, teachers faced difficulties not having a proper system and tool to follow up on students’ learning progress especially in the absence of physical assessment and examination.

In view of the challenges bothering teachers, Kedios Berhad announced today that it is offering its Score100 online assessment platform for FREE until 31 December 2020 to help public schools on students’ progress tracking amid the school closure. There are over 100 ready assessment papers currently that schools and teachers can leverage on immediately for their students’ assessment, examination or subject revision.


Kedios Berhad 免费推出Score100 在线测评试卷,直到2020年12月31日