The Birth of Kedios Berhad
BACK IN 2014
We started out as a software developer for school management system- School Interactive System (SIS) with only 8 employees.
After 2 years serving the school community, we are delighted to see the positive change to school operations, we made a complete overhaul of school’s daily operations where less time is spent on administrative tasks and more time on what’s matter- student and teaching.
That has inspired us an ambitious thought to create greater values not just for schools but to serve the entire education industry.
August 2016
Then, a bright idea came about to create a habitat for education businesses where we incubate them to speed its growth, corporatise them to create succession and ensure business continuity and commitment to brand ethos.
KEDIOS BERHAD was then formed on 8 Aug 2016.
Our Mission is to help education operators in growing their business while living to their brand commitment in delivering quality education for all.
We believe we will be successful if our customers are successful.
To be the first largest education integrator across Asia Pacific.
OUR Value
We are a value-driven company. Our value reflects the thinking of our founder, Kedios Ooh, who’s the major force in shaping the firm.
  • “Together, Go Further”, we believe education can only be broadened and strengthened by the inclusion of people with a broad range of background and perspectives.
  • We embrace and celebrate diversity in Education.
  • We breed, we grow, we empower life and sustainability for Education.