Build a sustainable future for education institutions.


A Leading Education Group in Malaysia, is a family of eleven (11) brands come together to make education for all possible for students in Malaysia and around the world.

Eduwis, Ten Toes, AZ, Mywis, Clever, Hatimurni, AcaMaths, EduDios, Score100, Super Suite and CycleDios currently constitute the eleven (11) well defined brands which make up the multi-brand matrix organisation called the Kedios Group with over 200 learning centres in Malaysia.

From its humble beginnings in 2014 as an educational software developer, Kedios Group is now one of the leading names in the private education industry occupies a strong position in early learning. Together our brands offer students a wealth of choices in education as well as beautiful learning experiences for students with diverse learning needs.

We are driven by the idea that good education is born from diversity. A diverse choice of education empowers people to make the best choice meet their learning needs.



Making education accessible for all.


Build a sustainable future for education institutions.


Respecting and Valuing the Diversity of Education

Education has never been a one-size fit all services. Given that different students have different learning styles, receive varying amounts of parental support at home, and each with different household financial background, their educational needs would not be the same. With a broad and varied education choices, Kedios Group makes it easy for many students to access quality education.

Paying highest respect to each brand’s strength and uniqueness, we do not encourage changes in brand name especially for brands already existed in the market. We strongly believe behind every brand name, it represents the founder’s compelling vision, passion, purpose and values that impacts every facet of the brand.